TrimSafe Series: Handle, Blades and Dispenser

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Another Avantik Innovation in Lab Safety

Eliminate Tissue Snags & Tears

The Avantik TrimSafe Series further reduces the risk of injury from blade malfunction and user error. The TrimSafe handle is large for improved ergonomics and it is easy to clean.

The TrimSafe blades have a precision edge for long lasting sharpness. The push lever removes blades quickly for convenient disposal.

The series also comes with a TrimSafe dispenser which makes it easy and safe to load new blades.

TrimSafe Handle

  • Quicker and safer loading of trim blade onto handle
  • Larger handle for improved ergonomics
  • Autoclavable for easy cleaning/sterilization
  • Push lever action to remove and clamp blade
  • No screw to turn or loosen

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TrimSafe Blade

  • Precision sharpened edge for ultimate sharpness and durability
  • Back end of blade rounded to eliminate tissue snags and to improve user’s safety

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TrimSafe Dispenser

  • Pre-loaded with premium TrimSafe blades for ease and compatibility
  • Load and unload TrimSafe blades without the need to touch the blades

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View or Download as PDF Download TrimSafe Brochure

View or Download as PDF Download TrimSafe Series - Handle and Blades Instructions

View or Download as PDF Download TrimSafe Series - Blade and Dispenser Instructions

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