SP15 Slide Printer

SP15 Slide Printer

The new Avantik SP15's small footprint brings the convenience of on-demand laboratory slide printing directly to your cutting station. Thousands of specimen identification errors occur annually, which inevitably leads to adverse patient events. A large percentage of these errors are due to improperly labeled slides. With the Avantik SP15 Slide Printer, you can eliminate errors by allowing the technicians to print their slides when the specimens are cut reliably.


  • Small footprint fits easily next to the microtome
  • Chemical resistant media ensures print reliability
  • Optional unload carrier
  • Flexible data inputs allow easy LIS integration
  • Comes in two different models


  • Eliminates the need for labels or handwriting
  • Media ensures print reliability
  • Easy integration with the LIS system
  • Slides protected from dust & the environment
  • Enhanced productivity in the lab


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