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  • Lab Design We offer a wide range of setup services including personalized, pre-construction planning and consultation services. The lab layout and design service is complimentary with the equipment package purchase from Avantik.
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  • Instruments & Lab Equipment Avantik's QS12 is the #1 cryostat in the Mohs industry. We also offer a range of Mohs equipment providing the confidence you need for an efficient and easy to manage Mohs laboratory.
  • Lab Set-Up We will ensure that your laboratory is equipped with the proper instrumentation, combining an efficient workflow with an ergonomically sound environment and guided support to gain CLIA and OSHA compliance.
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  • Lab Consumables We offer our no backorder guarantee on over 900 in-stock products. Orders placed by 3 p.m. EST on in-stock products will ship the same day.
  • Equipment Service Our business began in the service industry, and today we offer a line of comprehensive service programs, maintenance and emergency repair through Avantik or one of our service partners.
  • Mohs Technician Training The Avantik Training Academy is a fully functional "wet" laboratory, complete with state-of-the-art equipment for the most up-to-date and advanced hands-on training available.
  • On-Going Technical & Application Support Avantik is here to provide you with continuous, superior technical and application support. Our dedicated support specialists are always available by telephone or email to answer any of your questions.

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QS12 Cryostat

The #1 Mohs Cryostat - The Avantik QS12

The QS12 and QS12UV provide an exceptional level of precision for consistent and accurate sectioning. The advanced technology of the EZ-Touch Touchscreen Interface and revolutionary features make it simple for technicians to obtain high quality sections with consistency.

The Foundation of your Mohs Lab.

With over three decades of support to Mohs laboratories nationwide, Avantik is proud to deliver our second cryostat offering for Mohs. The Revolutionary QS12 Cryostat. The QS12 is the most advanced, accurate and intuitive cryostat available. The QS12 and QS12UV feature our EZ-Touch touchscreen control panel, our dovetail blade holder system to eliminate chatter, Venetian blind and thick/thin sections, an exceptionally smooth handwheel rotation and the industry’s most advanced, reliable and accurate stepper motor technology. The QS12 and the QS12UV provide unmatched features and benefits to enhance accuracy, efficiency and safety in your Mohs laboratory. Most of all, the QS12 offers the most precise and efficient cryostat available to assure your confidence, and help you to achieve perfect sections every time and maintain a consistent workflow in your Mohs lab.

QS12 Close Up - Interface

Perfect Sections...

The Avantik QS12 will allow you to create perfect sections for a head state on the perfect slide.

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