The Aura Advantage

Reaching Perfection with Every Cut

The benefits of Aura Microtome Blades include blade longevity, low compression and ease of starting and maintaining ribbons. Aura is designed to have smooth dispenser operation along with constant blade-to-blade effectiveness and section consistency from one cut to the next.

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What Makes Aura Different?

Quality, Precision and Durability

  • Three-faceted cutting edge for optimal sharpness that facilitates fast ribboning
  • Proprietary manufacturing process produces an edge stronger than most traditional blades
  • Reliably sharp, uniformly unwavering
  • Ultra-sharp microtome blade edges with PTFE resin coating
  • Easily obtain acceptable concise ribbons sooner
  • Increase your quality sections ensuring your laboratory is running at optimum speed
Aura - Microtome Blade Coating System

Microtome Blade Coating System

PTFE Technology (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

A PTFE technology formula is applied to the Aura Microtome Blades during manufacturing to increase their strength and stability. The PTFE coating improves the life of the microtome blades over multiple cuts.

Aura Microtome Blades

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