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Avantik provides expert maintenance, repair, and support services for a wide range of laboratory equipment. We are always expanding our capabilities so be sure to contact us if you have a specific equipment need.

  • Over 85,000 replacement parts in stock
  • More than 180 free loaner instruments available

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Laboratory Instruments Serviced by Avantik

Contact us for a complete list of brands and equipment we service: 800-783-9424

Cassette PrintersEpredia, General Data, Leica, Primera, Sakura, Thermo Scientific
CoverslippersEpredia, Leica, Sakura, Thermo Scientific
CryostatsAvantik, Epredia, Leica, Sakura, Thermo Scientific, Shandon
Embedding CentersAvantik, Epredia, Leica, Sakura, Thermo Scientific
FumehoodsAirfiltronix, Mopec, Mortech, Mystaire, Labconco, Thermo Scientific
MicrotomesEpredia, Leica, Olympus, Sakura, Shandon, Thermo Scientific
Slide PrintersAvantik, Epredia, General Data, Leica, Matsunami, Primera, Sakura, Thermo Scientific
Stainers - H&E StainersAvantik, Epredia, Leica, Sakura, Thermo Scientific
Stainers - IHCAvantik, BioGenex, Dako, Leica, Thermo Scientific
Tissue ProcessorsAvantik, Epredia, Leica, Sakura, Thermo Scientific