Shopping Cart Upload

Importing products from a single file is the fastest way to add products in bulk to the shopping cart and place an order.

To import products to a shopping cart:
  1. Download the CSV template.
  2. Fill in the CSV file with the required data including Product IDs (please note the Product ID is the Avantik part number), Quantity, and UOM IDs.
  3. Upload the CSV file.
  4. Do not add any additional information or modify column labels within the template as this will interfere with the upload.

When entering UOM IDs for cases, please use the following format: CS/10

UOM ID Examples: Each, CS/4, CS/6, CS/10, CS/100

If the UOM specified for a given product is not available, you will be prompted to select one that is available for that item.

Upload the CSV file

Select CSV file

Drop CSV files here or click to upload

Please note that uploading the CSV file will append the existing shopping cart.