ESPO Slide Printer

ESPO Slide Printer

The Avantik ESPO Slide Printer is easy to use, provides efficiency for your lab, and has the flexibility to print on slides containing mounted tissue.

It revolutionizes the laboratory by providing on-demand printing, creating a more efficient workflow and minimizing errors.

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  • Fully integrated color touchscreen display and simple software is easy to use
  • Two 100-slide magazines allow for continuous printing
  • Single slide front loading enables refill-free printing, even when tissue is on the slide


  • Capacity - Two 100-slide magazines, capable of printing 2 different types or colors of slides
  • Control Slide - Single-slide front loading for control slides with tissue on slide
  • Speed - Print speed is 3 seconds per slide / 20 per minute
  • Ease of Use - Fully integrated color touch-screen display and simple software is easy to use
  • Small Footprint - Ideal for on-demand printing