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After the success of the Aura microtome blade for FFP sectioning,
we launched the perfect blade for frozen sectioning.

Glacial Blades deliver seamless sectioning with the ease of dispenser operation and high-quality performance blade to blade.

These cryostat blades are manufactured in the USA and offer impressive durability that your technicians can count on to yield high-quality results.

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  • Coated with a PTFE technology formula to improve the life of the blade over multiple cuts
  • No pre-cleaning of blades required; ready to use upon dispensing
  • Three-faceted cutting edge for optimal sharpness
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Positive customer reviews include:

  • Exceptional blade Longevity
  • Easy ribboning
  • Smooth at low temperatures
  • No compression
  • Continuous section consistency from one cut to the next

Resilience Glacial Low Profile Product

Resilience Glacial Low Profile

Item #: SE3147 | Qty: 50 Blades/Pack

Avantik Glacial Blade LP (Pk/50)

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Resilience Glacial High Profile Product

Resilience Glacial High Profile

Item #: SE3148 | Qty: 50 Blades/Pack

Avantik Glacial Blade HP (Pk/50)

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