Ordering Online from Avantik has Never Been Easier

Shopping with Avantik has Never Been Easier

The Avantik eShop brings you three new options to streamline your online shopping experience.

We encourage you to explore the following options which have been created to assist you in placing online orders more quickly and efficiently. Each option provides a unique way of ordering allowing for more flexibility to help match how your organization prefers to shop online.

New Online Ordering Options

Shopping Cart Upload using CSV Files

This option allows you to download a simple template that can be used to populate your order with your desired products and then upload the file to the eShop. The result is the products added to the uploaded CSV file are automatically added to your shopping cart.

  • Visit the "Shopping Cart Upload" page
  • Download the CSV template
  • Populate the CSV template with the Product IDs, Quantity & UMO IDs for each line item in the order (Variant ID can be ignored)
  • Upload the completed CSV template
  • Products will be uploaded automatically to the shopping cart

Note products uploaded using the CSV file will be appended to any existing items in the cart.

Upload Your Order” link can be found within the top navigation bar and also under the Resources tab
Upload Your Order

Creating Order Templates to Reuse

Creating Order Templates

This option allows for creating an unlimited number of order templates that can be reused as needed. The process is very simple and depending on how often you order, these templates can save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Begin by adding products to your cart
  • Go to your shopping cart
  • Within the shopping cart page, click on the link labeled "Save as Order Template"
  • Name your new order template and click save
  • Click "Load Template" to add an existing template to your order
  • All products from the template will be loaded into your cart

The cart can be adjusted after loading an existing template prior to completing your order.

All saved order templates can be found by clicking on "My Order Templates" within the "My Account" section of the eShop.

Add as many order templates as needed and reuse them as often as you like.

Reordering Previous Orders

This option allows for creating new orders using previous orders that were placed either online or offline. Reorders can be created using recent orders or posted invoices.

  • Visit the "My Account" section once you are logged into the eShop
  • Navigate to the "My Orders" or "Invoices"sections of your account to select an order you would like to reorder
  • Click on the "Reorder" button
  • All items from the previous order will be added to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout to complete the new order