The Avantik QS12 Cryostat in Action

The Avantik QS12 Cryostat

A Higher Standard® of Frozen Sectioning

The most advanced, accurate and intuitive cryostat available.

The Avantik QS12 and the Avantik QS12UV provide unmatched features and benefits to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and safety within the laboratory.

QS12 Cryostat QS12UV Cryostat

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Additional User Features & Benefits

Dovetail Clamping KnifeholderEliminate chatter venetian blind, and thick/thin sections
Controlled Trim FunctionReduced risk of “chunking out”
Ultra Quiet and Efficient Refrigeration SystemEliminate frost buildup and greatly reduce the ambient noise in your lab
Smooth Handwheel RotationReduce the risk of repetitve motion injury
UVC Dial (QS12UV Model)Immediate or scheduled disinfection, allowing for walkaway time

Avantik QS12 Features

  • EZ-Touch Touchscreen Interface
  • Convenient Memory Function
  • Accurate Section Measurement
  • Improved Section Quality and Consistency
  • Significantly Quieter Cryostat
  • Stepper Motor Technology
    • Peltier provides fast freezing (-55°C) for 4 stations, up to 27 stations total

Additional QS12 UV Disinfection Option

  • 39W UV option enables surface disinfection of harmful bacteria
  • Immediate or scheduled disinfection with UVC dial
    • Settings can be set between 0 and 300 minutes - allowing for walkway time

Designed for Optimal Frozen Sectioning

EZ-Touch Touchscreen Interface

The touchscreen interface is completely intuitive and unique to the Avantik Cryostat. The interface conveniently controls all cryostat functions such as temperature adjustment, section and trim thickness, specimen head advance and retract and more, all while keeping your hands out of the harsh confines of the cryostat. This diminishes the risk of injuries sustained while adjusting dials and settings with hands inside the cryostat.

Convenient Memory Function

The memory function provides a quick, predefined advance of specimen to the knife edge, allowing the operator to record the last position of the specimen relative to the blade before removing it. The specimen can then be automatically returned to the same position if additional sections are required, for increased technician speed and efficiency.

Accurate Section Measurement

The sophisticated stepper motor technology delivers the most precise advance available. This enables the operator to achieve precise trim thickness, section thickness, and sectioning depth measurement in microns.

Improved Section Quality and Consistency

The fully adjustable, extra-wide anti-roll glass helps deliver consistent, artifact-free sections. Automatic specimen retraction on the return stroke protects the specimen from contact with the blade or bladeholder surfaces preventing friction or damage to the surface of the specimen and preserving the quality of subsequent sections.

QS12 Cryostat - Convenient Touchscreen

QS12 Cryostat - Up Close View

Introducing the Avantik QS12

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Cryospray IIEM3027

Avantik QS12 Cryostat Specifications

Instrument Dimensions (WxDxH)29” x 30” x 45.5”
Recommended Clearances (WxDxH)36” x 33” x 60”
Instrument Weight315 lbs.
Electrical Requirement120V, 20 amp dedicated circuit