The "Gold Standard" for Treating Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery has become the most highly effective and advanced procedure for skin cancer with success rates up to 99 percent. What makes Mohs surgery so effective? When conducting the procedure, the surgeon evaluates 100 percent of the surgical margins, compared with less than 5 percent by traditional techniques. The method allows surgeons to accurately identify and remove a tumor while leaving the surrounding skin intact.

Why is Mohs Surgery Performed?

Mohs surgery commonly addresses skin cancer that:

  • Is located on any sensitive area such as the head and neck, fingers, toes or genitals where healthy tissue loss should be minimized
  • Develops in patients with suppressed immune systems
  • Was previously treated
  • Is aggressive like infiltrating basal cell carcinoma
  • Is growing rapidly
  • Takes up a large area

Advantages of Mohs Surgery

Efficient, Cost-effective Treatment

  • Single-visit outpatient surgery
  • Local anesthesia
  • Lab work done on-site

Precise Results

  • Physician examines 100% of tumor margins
  • Spares healthy tissue
  • Leaves the smallest scar possible

The Highest Cure Rate

  • Up to 99% for a skin cancer that has not been treated before
  • Up to 94% for a skin cancer that has recurred after previous treatment

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“The 2 great advantages of this form of treatment (Mohs surgery)
 are Unprecedented Reliability and Conservatism".

~ Dr. Frederick E. Mohs