CSF20 Automatic Film Coverslipper

Avantik CSF20 Coverslipper

The Avantik CSF20 Automatic Film Coverslipper is designed to provide high quality, coverslipped slides in an easy-to-use, automated solution.

CSF20 Film Coverslipper

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  • Coverslips up to 1,200 slides per hour
  • No glues or mounting media needed
  • Ideal for H&E, IHC and cytology slide coverslipping
  • Large, clear front provides protection against contamination
  • Displays process status and remaining capacity for slides, xylene and coverfilm


  • Integrated carbon filter for standalone use
  • Intuitive menu navigation via touch display
  • LED interior lighting for great interior visibility
  • Rapid slide drying for immediate storage
  • All components (such as coverslipping film) can be easily inserted and exchanged
  • Minimal maintenance required, compared to traditional glass coverslippers
  • Convenient windows in the doors allow for quick exchange of new slide baskets without interrupting coverslipping process