Trim Blade Dispenser (Instructions)

Trim Blade Dispenser

The Disposable Trim Blade Dispenser from Avantik - Instructions

Your lab’s safety is at risk every time you touch a trim blade. Your workflow comes to a halt when accidents occur.

Put safety first in your laboratory with Avantik’s Disposable Trim Blade Dispenser and never touch a trim blade again.

Attach a blade to the trim blade handle:

  • Step 1. Fully loosen set screw on the blade handle. Hold the trim blade dispenser in one hand and the handle in the other. Lower the blue door down and with the trim blade handle angled, carefully slide the opening at the top of the trim blade handle over the LEFT MOST blade in the dispenser.
    This will ensure proper access to the set screw on the trim blade handle.
  • Step 2. Hold the trim blade handle horizontally to the blade to glide the trim blade handle all the way to the back of the dispenser until it stops.
  • Step 3. Tighten the set screw on the trim blade handle to secure the blade to the handle.
  • Step 4. Lift the handle end up first, and then slide the blade from the dispenser. The trim blade is now ready to use.

Remove and dispose of a blade from the trim blade handle:

  • Step 1. Flip the trim blade dispenser upside down and hold in one hand to expose the slot in the underside.
  • Step 2. Insert the blade and handle arm into the slot on the bottom of the dispenser on a 45° angle.
  • Step 3. With the blade fully contained within the dispenser slot, loosen the set screw on the blade handle and pull the trim blade handle back across the bottom of the dispenser to release the blade safely into the bottom of the dispenser.

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