Avantik RadiusEdge Trimming Blade

Radius Edge Trimming Blades

The Avantik RadiusEdge Series enhances both safety and control in your lab. The TissueTek handle is large enough to fit the Avantik RadiusEdge Trim Blade and other major brands. The RadiusEdge Blade has a precision edge for long-lasting sharpness, and it eliminates tissue snags. The series also comes with a RadiusEdge Dispenser that makes it convenient and safe to load new blades.

RadiusEdge Trim Blades

  • Precision sharpened edge for smooth incisions and durability
  • Back edge of the blade is rounded to eliminate tissue snags and to improve user’s safety

Product Item Numbers

130mm Blades - Item# GR2168-A
260mm Blades - Item# GR2168-B


RadiusEdge Dispenser

  • Load & unload Avantik RadiusEdge Trimming Blades safely
  • Built-in sharps container for careful and convenient disposal of used blades
  • Pre-loaded with premium RadiusEdge Blades for consistency and enhanced workflow

Product Item Numbers

130mm Dispenser - Item# GR2174-A
260mm Dispenser - Item# GR2174-B


TissueTek Handles

  • Short and long, straight trimming handle, for trimming and sectioning tissue samples
  • Short handle holds 130mm Avantik RadiusEdge Trim Blades
  • Long handle holds 260mm Avantik RadiusEdge Trim Blades

Product Item Numbers

TissueTek - Item# GR2093 A or B

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