Avantik Slide and Cassette Storage

Avantik Slide and Cassette Storage

Avantik offers several stackable laboratory storage cabinets for various needs.

14 Drawer Metal Slide Storage Cabinet - Stackable

Stackable laboratory storage cabinets for microscope slides. Powder-coated metal cabinets designed to be stackable. Base, lid and cabinet can be purchased separately. All units designed to stack together.

Product Item Numbers

ST7067 14 Drawer Slide Storage Cabinet Each 5600 Slides 485mm x 480mm x 126mm

ST7071 14 Drawer Cassette Storage Cabinet Each 900 Blocks 485mm x 480mm x 91mm

ST7069 Base Unit - 485mm x 480mm x 76mm Each n/a

ST7068 Top Cover - 485mm x 480mm x 26mm Each n/a

ST7072 Spring Divider Each n/a

ST7073 Magnetic Slide/Cassette Stop Pk/5 n/a

6 Drawer Metal Slide Storage Cabinet & Base - Holds 4,500 Slides

Easy-slide drawers, capacity 4,500 standard slides. Stackable with Paragon and Fisher cabinets.

Product Item Numbers

ST7078 White Cabinet Each

ST7079 White Base Each

6 Drawer Metal Slide Storage Cabinet & Base - Holds 5,000 Slides

Six drawer cabinet holds up to 5000 standard 3" x 1" microscope slides. Drawers slide smoothly and quietly. Plastic drawer dividers can be removed to store objects up to 2" wide. Interlocking, stackable to 10 cabinets high. Includes sponge blocks spacers and identification labels. Base Model ST7077 has rubber feet to prevent scratching and slipping. 2 year warranty. Stackable with the Boekel cabinets.

Product Item Numbers

ST7076 Cabinet White Each

ST7077 Base White Each

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