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Avantik Block Storage

Don't let the jam put a jam into your workflow.

Are you frustrated by common block storage cabinet issues that put a stop to your workflow?

Do your cassettes jam when the drawers are opened? Does your bottom drawer stick when multiple units are stacked? Are your cabinets hard to move when they are full?

Avantik's No-Jam, Hassle-Free Block Storage Cabinet Is the Perfect Solution

When we heard from customers that they were struggling with storage cabinets, we introduced the industry's first jam-free, hassle-free block storage cabinet. Built with proprietary designed drawer technology and interlocking cabinet stack-ability, the thoughtful design provides more clearance between the tops of the blocks and the drawers to allow you to open and close them seamlessly. What's more, the cabinet has a capacity of up to 1,500 cassettes!

Cabinet Base and Casters – the Perfect Compliment

Made specifically for the Avantik Block Storage Cabinet, the block storage base is designed to hold the cabinet using reciprocal grooves to secure the cabinet within the base. The base helps keep your blocks safe and off the floor. Convenient optional caster wheels allow for easy mobility of the entire cabinet stack.

Eliminate Jams with Avantik’s Block Storage Cabinet

A prime example of how Avantik helps to keep your workflow seamless.

Item                 Description                                              

ST7059            Block Cabinet, holds up to 1,500 blocks - 9.5"w x 16.5"h x 17.25"d - Each

ST7065            Block Cabinet Base - 9.5"w x 2"h x 17.25"d - Each

ST7080            Block Cabinet Locking Casters - 2” Caster - 3/8” Threaded Stem - 4/pk

ST7087            Block Cabinet Shipping Panels - 8.375” W x 15.5”H- 6/pk 

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