SureHold Safety Scalpel

SureHold Safety Scalpel

Are you experiencing any of these common issues with scalpel use that are putting you at risk for injury?

Safety concerns when removing your blade?

Blades popping off under pressure?

Using force to install a new blade?

Reduce your risk of injury with the SureHold Safety Scalpel Handle

Reduce your worry around sharp objects and safety with the Avantik SureHold Safety Scalpel Handle. The handle is specifically designed to easily attach, remove and dispose of a blade without the need of force -- decreasing the risk of cutting yourself. Our innovative design ensures that the blade can withstand the pressure of cutting hard tissue without popping off while in use.

You can count on consistency, quality, and having a safer laboratory.

Item# GR2144-B Fits Scalpel Blades #20-#25, #60, #70

Item# GR2144-A Fits Scalpel Blades #10-#15

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