Lab Conco Fume Hood

Lab Conco Fume Hood

Labconco Low Profile Fume Hood Systems are geared for light-duty histology coverslipping and staining areas. Activated carbon media adsorb organic odors and noxious vapors while clean air is recirculated into the laboratory. These enclosures are low profile, completely portable, and require no ductwork. They easily accommodate shallow countertops or those with overhanging cabinets. Each unit includes either an activated carbon, formaldehyde or ammonia filter.

Product Item Numbers

SY5014-A Labconco Low Profile Fume Hood System

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  • Built-in motorized impeller
  • Adsorber has a white, dry powder epoxy-coated steel housing with perforated baffle for uniform airflow
  • Canopy is a clear, one-piece 3/8"-thick, shatter-resistant acrylic


  • Carbon filtration traps vapors so that safe, filtered air is returned to the laboratory
  • No outside ductwork is required
  • These portable, low-profile enclosures fit easily on countertops with overhanging cabinets

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