Avantik Equipment Buy Back Products

Histology Equipment Procurement and Trade-Ins

Avantik is always looking to acquire decommissioned or used histology equipment to then rebuild to OEM specifications or repurpose in other ways.

If you are looking to sell your used histology equipment or would be interested in trading in for a new or different model, you have come to the right place!

Sell or Trade-In Your Equipment

Avantik welcomes the opportunity to buy your histology equipment at fair market value OR a trade-in for a new or alternate model.

Submit Your Request Online

You can also contact us directly at 1-800-783-9424. Procurement Specialists are standing by to support you with the entire process.

Avantik Procurement Specialists

Models Avantik is Currently Seeking:


  • Sakura Prisma
  • Leica XL
  • Leica ST5020

Transfer Stations:

  • Leica TS5015
  • Leica TS5025


  • Sakura SCA
  • Leica CV5030
  • Sakura Glas2
  • Sakura FILM


  • Thermo HM325
  • Thermo HM355S
  • Leica RM2125
  • Leica RM2135
  • Leica RM2235
  • Leica RM2255

Tissue Processors:

  • Sakura VIP5
  • Sakura VIP6
  • Leica PELORIS
  • Leica PELORIS II


  • Leica IPC
  • Leica IPS
  • Thermo PrintMate-150
  • Thermo PrintMate-450


  • Avantik QS11 Cryostat
  • Thermo HM525NX Cryostat

If your equipment is not listed above, we may still be interested in purchasing or a trade-in offer.