CX43 Microscope

CX43 Microscope

The CX43 microscope enables you to remain comfortable during routine microscopy. The microscope frame fits well in your hands and the location of the control knobs maximizes ergonomics to improve work efficiency. This microscope allows you to easily set a specimen with one hand while adjusting the focus and operating the stage. The CX43 also features a camera port for digital imaging.

CX43 Olympus Microscope Systems


  • LED illumination 
  • Manual stage
  • Abbe condenser
  • Trinokular tube eyepieces
  • 5 position nose-piece turret
  • 7 position revolver


  • Inward-facing quintuple revolving nosepiece
  • Consistent color temperature at any brightness
  • A long 60,000-hour lifetime with the brightness level remaining stable
  • Smooth magnification change
  • Ergonomically-positioned focus knob 

Optional Accessories 

  • Polarizing intermediate attachment
  • Eyepoint adjuster
  • Dual observation attachment
  • Digital camera mount
  • LED monitor

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