Ink Cartridge Replacement Program

Ink Cartridge Replacement Program

Easy and Simple.


Total Budget Control.

The Avantik UV-Ink Cartridge Replacement Program

We’re all trying to find ways to increase efficiency, keep within our budget, and be more environmentally friendly. But in the fast-paced, demanding environment of a histology lab, your most important task is to stay focused on delivering fast and accurate results. That’s why we have the Avantik Ink Cartridge Replacement Program. So you can focus on the areas you need to. Save time and money and eliminate hazardous waste with the Avantik Ink Cartridge Replacement Program. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1. Order from Avantik

Join the program. Place your first order for your new Avantik Ink Cartridge by calling 800.783.9424.

You will receive an empty pre-paid, self addressed shipping box for your expired cartridge.

Step 2. Ship Your Expired Cartridge

Take your expired ink cartridge and place it in the pre-paid, self-addressed shipping box and send it back to us.

Step 3. Receive and Install Your New Cartridge

Once we receive your expired ink cartridge, we’ll send out your Avantik ink cartridge via UPS packed into two boxes.

Box #1: The outside box is to safely ship your newly filled ink cartridge.

Box #2: The inside box is a prepaid, self-addressed box for your expired cartridge

Repeat Step 2 when you need a new cartridge. We will recycle or dispose of your expired ink cartidge saving you time and money!

Note: When you receive a new cartridge, please keep the box for the return of your next expired cartridge.

Download the Instructions