Ink Cartridge Replacement Program (Install Instructions)

Ink Cartridge Replacement Program (Install Instructions)

Avantik UV-Ink Cartridge Replacement

Instructions for removing the old ink cartridge and installation of the new ink cartridge.

This instruction guide when using the PDF version shows visual examples of the removal an old ink cartridge from a Leica IP Printer along with installation of the new Avantik UV-Ink Cartridge. The same procedure can be used to install the Avantik UV-Ink Cartridge into a Sakura AutoWrite Printer.


Removing the Used Ink Cartridge

  1. Open the door on the left side of the printer and slide the black safety catch (Fig. 1) towards the front of the printer, to move it from the cartridge opening, to allow the expired or spent cartridge to be removed.
  2. Remove the protective cap, which is stored on the right side of the cartridge that is already in the printer, off of it’s storage ledge, and screw it securely onto the used ink cartridge (Fig. 2).
  3. Remove the expired ink cartridge, package it in the provided self addressed packaging and send it back to Avantik.

Inserting the New Ink Cartridge

  1. Take the new ink cartridge from the carton and remove the plastic packaging.
  2. Carefully shake the ink cartridge 2-3 times.
  3. Be sure that the black safety catch is out of the way of the cartridge opening.
  4. Insert a new ink cartridge about halfway into the slot.
  5. Turn the protective cap one full turn counterclockwise to open, but DO NOT REMOVE the cap fully!
  6. Fully insert the ink cartridge into the slot.
  7. Puncturing the cartridge seal requires that some force be used. Pull the ink cartridge out about 1 inch from the slot and push it back in as far as it will go. ***REPEAT this step two or three times. (Fig. 4)
  8. Once Cartridge is properly installed, unscrew the protective cap fully (Fig. 5) and place it on the recessed storage shelf on the cartridge for replacement later.
  9. Before closing the door, be sure to slide the safety catch back into position in front of the printer cartridge (or slide the red handle up before you close the door to the printer).

New Ink Cartridge Reset

  1. After installing your new cassette, press the LOADED button and the printer will reset the indicator light.

Cleaning the Print Head

For details regarding the procedure, please see “Instructions for Use” Chapter 6.2 in the instruction manual that came with your printer. Please use this as a quick guide only.

ATTENTION! Do not remove the cap until the cartridge is fully installed into the printer.

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