Achieve Total Workflow Control with the Avantik TrimSafe Handle and TrimSafe blade! Call us today to make your lab a safer place to work.


The New Avantik TrimSafe Handle & TrimSafe Blades

Eliminate tissue snags and tears with rounded blade edge.

Lock and unlock your blade with the touch of a button.


TrimSafe Handle

• Quicker and safer loading of trim blade onto handle

• Larger handle for improved ergonomics

• Autoclavable for easy cleaning/sterilization

• Push lever action to remove and clamp blade

• No screw to turn or lose


TrimSafe Blade

• Precision sharpened edge for ultimate sharpness and durability

• Back end of blade rounded to eliminate tissue snags and to improve user’s safety

• Available in pre-loaded dispenser for quicker and safer loading and unloading

(Coming Soon!)


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130mm Handle - Item# GR2164-A

260mm Handle - Item# GR2164-B


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130mm Blades - Item# GR2163-A

260mm Blades - Item# GR2163-B


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