Linistain Automatic Slide Stainer

The Linistain Automatic Slide Stainer is a dependable and economical way to automate staining; it uses a conveyer to prepare consistently stained slides. The supply and drain ports are located at the rear and on the left as you face the instrument. The accessory stands substantially to improve the instrument drainage. A dedicated water shut-off is recommended for the water supply leading to the stainer.


Product Item Numbers

Linistat Linistain Automatic Slide Stainer


 14 staining stations, running water and has a 13-slide capacity collection tank 

• Five-minute staining time 

• Includes: single station staining dishes, rinse water tubing, drain tubing, tubing clamps 

• Allows for optional hand staining 



 Efficient footprint fits on top of most cryostats 

• Simple installation with included plumbing kit 

• No batch staining and cross-contamination 

• Eliminates need to set up separate staining dishes 


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