The Avantik QS12 Cryostat

With nearly three decades of support to Laboratories nationwide, Avantik is proud to deliver our second cryostat offering for the frozen section market.
After the resounding success of our Avantik QS11 Cryostat, we have raised the bar again with our newest cryostat!
Introducing the Revolutionary QS12 Cryostat. The QS12 is the most advanced, accurate and intuitive cryostat available. The QS12 and QS12UV feature our EZ-Touch touchscreen control panel, our dovetail bladeholder system to eliminate chatter, venetian blind and thick/thin sections, an exceptionally smooth handwheel rotation and the industry’s most advanced, reliable and accurate stepper motor technology.

Revolutionize your laboratory

With breakthrough technology, the QS12 and the QS12UV provide unmatched features and benefits to enhance accuracy, efficiency and safety. Most of all, the QS12 offers the most precision and efficiency to assure your confidence, and help you to achieve Perfect Sections every time!

QS12 Benefits

  • EZ-Touch | Touchscreen User Interface

    The EZ touch interface increases the ergonomics of the instrument allowing for ease of use and a central location to conveniently control all cryostat functions. The durable and responsive touchscreen enables technicians to operate the interface with or without gloved hands.
  • Unmatched blade stability

    The unique “dovetail” bladeholder base design provides complete stability and prevents lateral movement or vibration, which eliminates common sectioning problems such as chatter, venetian blind, and thick/thin.
  • Improved section quality and consistency

    The fully adjustable, extra-wide anti-roll glass helps deliver consistent, artifact-free sections. Automatic specimen retraction on the return stroke protects the specimen from contact with the blade or bladeholder surfaces preventing friction or damage to the surface of the specimen and preserving the quality of subsequent sections.
  • Accurate section measurement

    The sophisticated stepper motor technology delivers the most precise advance available. This enables the operator to achieve precise trim thickness, section thickness, and sectioning depth measurement in microns.
  • Convenient memory function

    The memory function provides a quick, predefined advance of each specimen to the knife edge, allowing the operator to record the last position of the specimen relative to the blade before removing it. The specimen can then be automatically returned to the same position if additional sections are required.

    The QS12 and QS12UV provide an exceptional level of precision for accurate sectioning and specimen placement and handling. The advanced technology of the QS12, from the dovetail bladeholder to the EZ-Touch Touchscreen Interface and automated features make it simple for technicians to obtain consistent, high-quality, perfect sections every time.

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More Innovation

Efficient, space saving and safe cryostat controls
Streamlined workflow and quick turnaround
Flexibility and efficiency
Easy maintenance
Trouble-free transport
Sanitary lab environment

More Reliability

Sealed microtome
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Dependable functioning
Energy-efficient cooling
Quiet operation

More Precision

Enhanced usability
Enhanced stability
Improved section quality and consistency
Accurate section measurement
Convenient memory function

More Safety

EZ touch touchstone controls
Effective surface disinfection
Enhanced operator comfort
Safe blade operation