Avantik's Resilience Aura Microtome Blades

Avantik Aura microtome blades are ideal for routine serial sectioning and precise cuts when durability and consistency are important. Positive customer reviews on the Aura microtome blades include blade longevity, ease of starting and maintaining ribbons, low compression, section consistency from one cut to the next, consistency of cutting from blade to blade, and ease of dispenser operation.


• Three-faceted cutting edge for optimal sharpness
• Coated with a PTFE technology formula to improve the life of the blade over multiple cuts
• No pre-cleaning of blades required; ready to use upon dispensing
• Ideal for sectioning of both hard and soft tissue
• Made in the U.S.A.

Item # - SE3144 - Avantik Resilience Aura Microtome Blades HP High Profile

Item # - SE3145 - Avantik Resilience Aura Microtome Blades LP Low Profile

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