Grossing Station Service

Grossing Station Maintenance & Repair

Avantik has over 40 years of expertise with service and repair of laboratory equipment. We guarantee 24-hour response and 100% quality satisfaction. We specialize in the service, repair, air flow checks, and have comprehensive maintenance programs on all major brands of grossing stations including Mopec, Thermo Scientific, Sakura and others. We service all models, including all discontinued manufactured models that may no longer be supported by OEMs.

If you are having grossing stations issues, including:

  • Lifting mechanisms not working properly
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Electrical and/or sensor issues
  • Issues with the waste disposer

Then it's time to call Avantik.

Submit your inquiry online today or call us at 800-783-9424, Option 2 for a no-obligation service estimate for your grossing station service needs.