Avantik EM8 Embedding Center


Accurate and Dependable Specimen Embedding for Better Workflow Control

The Avantik EM8 Embedding Center is an integral part of creating a lab. Ease of use, ergonomics and performance are critical factors for your lab to run efficiently and flawlessly. The modular design allows for an easy and customized setup of the hot and cold plate surfaces. The control panel is intuitive and straightforward. The Avantik EM8 Embedding Center is another way Avantik brings solutions to your lab.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed to enhance operator comfort
  • Adjustable paraffin flow rate ensures operator efficiency
  • Individual control of all temperature settings
  • User-friendly keypad for easy control of all system operations
  • Large cassette storage area accommodates multiple sized tissue baskets
  • 5-liter paraffin reservoir ensures a continuous workflow
  • Large cooling surface holds 60+ cassettes and molds

EM8H Embedding Console

EM8 Cryo-Console

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