Disinfection. Re-Imagined. Varidyn

Avantik is very pleased to announce that we have created a dedicated team, specifically for Infection Prevention and Control with its’ own company name. Varidyn is an Avantik subsidiary company, concentrated on providing Intelligent Solutions for infection Prevention & Control. Varidyn will consult with you to get to the heart of your infection prevention needs, your limitations on time, resources and manpower, and Varidyn will come up with the optimal solution for your specific situation. 


Varidyn offers Disinfection Products such as SaniZide Plus, SaniZide Pro 1, SaniZide Pro 1 Wipes, and more; as well as Disinfection Equipment including the UVD Robot, SteriSafe Disinfection Robot and Aerus Air and Surface Purification Systems.


Whether it is disinfection equipment, products, a combination of both, or even disinfection as a service, Varidyn will help eliminate the guess work associated with infection prevention, to ensure that your spaces are safe, and keep you, your employees and your visitors well. Visit the Varidyn website to learn more about the products, equipment or services, or call 1-800-827-3035 now to speak directly with an infection prevention and control specialist. 

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