Rebuilt Equipment

Choose rebuilt instruments from Avantik and discover the same quality and control that you experience with brand new instruments 

With our foundation built from service in the equipment industry, we understand the importance of dependability and consistency to keep your lab in continuous operation. Avantik delivers top quality instruments, giving you the flexibility to equip your lab with the models of your choice. Our equipment is not refurbished, our technicians have a comprehensive rebuild process for each unit we deliver to you.

Available Rebuilt Equipment

Microscope Systems
Tissue Processors 
Embedding Centers


 All instruments are completely rebuilt according to OEM factory specifications 

 All rebuilt instruments are backed with a full one-year warranty including all parts and labor 

 The rebuilding process is performed at our facility by fully trained and certified technicians 

 Each piece of equipment is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance inspection and operational certification prior to delivery 

 Rebuilt instruments are a budgetary option to maximize capital expenditures 


Download Brochure and Specifications