How this Combination Separates Avantik from the Rest

UltraFin™ + Aura Blades = Perfection

By combining a high performance microtome blade with a premium embedding medium, increased quality in ribboning is substantial allowing for higher consistency and enhanced routine sectioning.

Aura Microtome Blades Benefits

  • Three-faceted cutting edge for optimal sharpness that facilitates fast ribboning.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process produces an edge stronger than most traditional blades.
  • Reliably sharp, uniformly unwavering.
  • Ultra-sharp microtome blade edges with PTFE resin coating.
  • Easily obtain acceptable concise ribbons sooner.
  • Our Aura microtome blades are manufactured in the USA.

UltraFin™ Paraffin Benefits

  • Industry leading tissue embedding medium with rapid penetration.
  • Promotes excellent ribbon continuity to 2 um.
  • Melts quickly at 56-57°C.
  • Double filtered containing polymers and (0.8%) of dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) for faster tissue penetration.
  • Optimal for large tissue or tissue that may present infiltration issues.
  • Considered to be the "Paraffin Solution" based on customer feedback.
  • Our UltraFin™ Paraffin is manufactured in the USA.

Watch the Demo

If You Can Only Have One Blade, Make it Aura and Add UltraFin™

Smooth dispenser operation along with constant blade-to-blade effectiveness and section consistency from one cut to the next is highlighted in the video.

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